ancient egypt music

Therefore, no melodies are known, the Egyptian music has faded away. The ancient Egyptians credited the goddess Bat with the invention of music. Egyptian music probably had a significant impact on the development of ancient Greek music, and via the Greeks was important to early European music well into the Middle Ages. as a main core[disambiguation needed] of Middle Eastern and Oriental music as it has a very big influence on the region due to the popularity and huge influence of Egyptian Cinema and Music industries. Some of the most popular Egyptian pop musicians are listed below. } Mulids are held in Egypt to celebrate the saint of a particular church. Groups of musicians would sometimes have to entertain thousands of people. Music was an important part of many ceremonies in the Egyptian culture with many inscriptions of songs found in tombs to be sung to the accompaniment of harps. In ancient Egypt, culture music and dance were highly appreciated, but it was more important than generally thought. Psychedelic garage-funk fluff-rock band from Tempe Arizona. a='

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