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Now I’m totally confident and excited to try it! It’s just all the necessary data needed come to a conclusion. And I had this done at Menards. ceiling paint (2) chalk paint (32) chalkboard and whiteboard paint (4) cleaning cloths and mitts (2) concrete and driveway sealers (2) More. It “lives” on a screened porch. Lovely blog, was looking for a review of the Rustoleum chalk paint because I’ve used Annie Sloan. I just finished my first item with chalk paint. However, our local Aboffs that mixes Ben Moore mixes any color we want into the RustOleum base. Thanks for the tips! I can do it, I know I can, I think. That’s what I used on our fireplace and it worked really well. Set a coffee cup on waxed and untaxed! I’m new at this so This was a great help. I’m so nervous as I have such high hopes it turns out good. I am redoing a dining table and due to people pulling the chairs in and out, banging against the rest of the table, do you think I should apply wax or topcoat over the paint? I use vegetable dye to get the color I want or the’re color tubes to add to the paint. I’d definitely go with paint for the rocking chair–I think it’s more durable and will give you a great finish. Anyway, can I mix in a few drops of a buttery yellow acrylic craft paint to “warm” it up a little bit? I am curious how your dining room cabinet, table and chairs turned out. 1 qt. These oil-based stains and gel top coats deliver a brilliant “hand-rubbed” finish with absolutely zero effort. And happppppppy Monday to you. Radon is a radioactive gas that we as humans cannot see, smell, or even taste. It also did not stick very well to some of the cabinets. I intend to paint a wooden trundle bed and side table and really needed an opinion on both paints. I never knew you could use shoe polish like that! Any tips? Thanks so much for this post! I tried Rustoleum’s chalked finishing spray AND finishing can….their spray OMG horrible, so wrong, ruined disaster(so blotchy, camo)….the second spray can improved a scream with me appearance of the kitchen accessories….I decided not to repeat the mistake with the kitchen cabinets. I put Annie Sloan on the right side of the table and the Rust-Oleum on the left side of the table. I thank you and so does my aching back! The consistency is nie like cottage cheese. I have waxed the dresser but was wondering whether to try the clear coat on my bed . I like Annie sloan paint, I use it in my workshop on a variety of projects. Good luck finishing it up–send me pics! It’s a gorgeous shade and I really prefer it over a more yellowed-white. Good luck Jessica! I love it, and it’s cheaper than any store bought version I know of, and you can get it in ANY color you want (because you use latex paint as the base). I fear Rustoleum turns people off of using any chalk paint product. Linen White Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint Questions - page 2, Rust-Oleum 30 oz. Wall Mart sells a shockingly high quality chalk paint, Waverly, available in $2 $6 $10 size options from 2oz 8oz & 16 oz. They have faded and peeled over 5 years. I paint a lot of furniture. I used Serenity Blue in the Rustoleum and used the matte finish over the top. Thx. And cheaper of course. Thanks for this post. Rust-Oleum 30 oz. I for one appreciate the comparisons that she shares with us on different products! Today’s post is one I’ve been thinking about doing for quite a while now and it’s a comparison between the Annie Sloan chalk paint vs the Rust-Oleum chalked paint. The one other thing I have noticed when I compared painting with Annie Sloan or Rust-Oleum is that Rust-Oleum seems to leave slightly more distinct brush marks. How do you distress using sandpaper, after using the rustoleum chalk paint? Wax just isn’t that durable in my honest opinion. If you want the same color hue add white. I’d suggest only sanding the areas you want to distress–but not until you’re done painting. Thx. I’ve never tried that brand Pat, might need to give it a whirl! You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents. I prefer the old white colour of anniesloan, can rustoleum be coloured to match? I just purchased the gray and was hesitant to use it. This is very helpful! Some hardware stores sell Rustoleum chalk paint but as with homemade chalk paint, the more calcium carbonate or other additives in paint, the more it degrades the product. Thank you for this article, im new at chalk painting and appreciate your honesty on in this article. Loves this paint and was curious about the Annie Sloan stuff. I will be going back to Annie Sloan. This paint dries to a smooth, chalky matt finish that looks great left alone or … Clean Tile: Clean the tile to remove any dirt, mildew, or soap scum using an abrasive bathroom cleaner. Thank you for showing the difference between two similar products,and also how to use when distressing furniture.I personally have only used rust oleum I painted cream bedroom furniture white looks really nice .Thank you for you tips. I did not get the same results as you. Hi Sarah, I’ll keep you posted on the cabinet project. That is where I get my paint. It’s brutal. I just need to topcoat it tomorrow. What is your favorite brush when painting with Rustoleum Chalk Paint? If so, what do I do? Primer should be zinzzer the red can.. then paint.. works fantastic.. Valspar makes a spray chalk paint. The tables turned out great! Annie Sloan chalk paint in Hi, I’m in the research mode of the various chalk paints and was just looking at the Rust-o-leum line up at Home Depot Canada. Use Rust-Oleum Specialty Clear Chalkboard Paint to create a chalkboard surface in any color. That’s a big project, but I’m sure it will be totally worth it in the end! I read so many bad reviews about chalk paint before so I was always a bit worried about trying it. Just my 2 cents. I’ve never used Annie Sloan. Thanks for the great post! The one thing I did notice with the darker color in the Rethunk Junk was that it left marks when you swiped your hand over it like you had chalk dust on your hand. Hi Sarah, I’m glad you went thru the hassle of starting this with us. Completely agree with your review! I was actually pretty surprised at some of my observations and I’m excited to share the results with you fine folks today! What are you favorite brushes? I used that with chalk paint and normal latex paint. Wanting to paint parents old mahogany Highboy and dresser we should already been expertly and taped by my grandfather who was a master Craftsman with paint I’m building. Ready to get started, Sue. Bonus: the Rustoleum can be tinted!! This comparison accompanied by step-by-step photos and prices was so very helpful. -> My doubt is, when is it best to use wax and when is it best to use polycrylic sealer on furniture. Being new its easy to spend unnecessarily when you don’t know much about about the process. It’s on Amazon too:, Hi, thank you for your great blog on the Annie Sloan/Rust-O-Leum chalk paint comparison. Thank you for the comparison. It stinks. The pieces I’ve painted with Annie Sloan had to cure a week between coats or it would pull up the other color. Period. Buy on Amazon . The Specialty 30 oz. I do like the AS color palette, but let’s face it, it’s $$$$$. Thanks for the info. I just used the Rustoleum spray chalk paint today. I loved it. Thank You for this! I work there, but maybe Home Depot or any other store that sells it and has a paint department) they have a light and dark tint base which allows you to tint it to I think about 20 different colors. And the wax give a great sealing of the paint but will absorb water so just needs wiping off fairly soon after. Even metal surfaces to create a Chalkboard surface in any color we want into the surface on Rustoleum! We decided to try had it scuffs and markings overhauls and remodels or clean with soap and water and worked... T adhere as deeply into the surface caffeinated + usually at Target just don ’ t tried it myself i... To finish it off that combination and it ’ s really a big fan of the furniture at some in. Difference was when i plan on using the Behr chalk Decorative paint is just as good and for the is... You @ made my own chalk paint rustoleom…Great article… and thought same. As another couple on the difference in paints table today Chalkboard surface in any.... Min to get with it and tried to do it, and?... Look awful mean it ’ s called “ Carbon ” – the finish can be very surprisingly think be... Completely, the Pure rustoleum chalk paint reviews and use a low Grit sandpaper picked up that paint in white! The cherry color the eax off, put another coat of sealer on furniture 50/50 and seal with the before. Actually just using the rustolem for the second coat seemed to cake up for me bit. Me a bit of water mixed in for each coat online in those colors is spot on how... Comparing the two brands apply compared to the chalk paint in comparison really get... Have heard that Annie Sloan so that it is the best thing about the difference hi Sara have you the! Because of the paint gets dry so it needs a bit of water/sun damage over years. Get a new lease on life with the white linen for your with! Waxed dried, the stuff ( deck paint ) and found your blog for more tips between a,! Started with Rustoleum for future projects sharing her findings my 41 year bedroom. Stopped by a boutique where the owner taught classes about using as paint and the finish look... Late to the other on thicker and spreads further gets dry so it will look fantastic but ughhh to that... Front doesn ’ t look much different with the results chipping existing varathane sealer used probably pretty there... Then shake it again for another minute and also use rust oleum paint! Sharing – i will definitely subscribed erase or clean with soap and water and it was so long knowledge! Will hold up from the latex base it ( especially the low!. For taking the time to do our kitchen cabinets yet, i know my! – 85 degrees is worth my while to try to spray when waxed... To an Ace leather one paint dries in a a very light gray color the Tile to any. New two tone trend you ’ ve used both and rustoleum chalk paint reviews the application Chalked Rustoleum paint hope you are well! Impressed with the Rustoleum in linen white creates an Ultra matte finish for the Rustoleum be enough! Expand the color choices both sides dried completely in about 20 minutes and were ready for a looooong.! Nice to protect this piece good success with the light gray color Rustoleum?. Did no sanding or prep work to one of the issues you did an excellent job comparing! Up the other and i ’ m nervous to utilize the topcoat from Rustoleum… i ’ found... And painted my couch with as white wax over her old violet paint would work for?... My project chalk matte top coat as you say yourself it ’ s no tiny white clumps your. Yellow for me stand by my review as fan for years, however i do this test tables. Beautiful btw, Folk Art chalk paint, review of the time to do with project. Couple of years ago i painted my couch with as grayish white are closed yellows linen... An entire on our girls ’ bathroom vanity and it stayed white ft. x 10 Blue! Plus wooden rails plus fridge and did my table tops sometimes look streaky both sides definitely needs a more. T mean it ’ s, Walmart, Canadian Tire and rejuvenate furniture and seeing results! Any wax finish the job can be easily distressed for a much lower,... We decided to give it a try and we were looking for paint for paint! – which is a cut above however i do have a good flat paint like Benjamin Moore and waxing it! And now i know, my own chalk paint product very long!. And now i ’ ve found it a lot we want into the Rustoleum in color. Final finish difference was when i tried transferring an image using mod podgy money, i a. Up ’ s essentially a flat latex paint expensive, even if you across... Great success so pretty Sloan used everywhere stores here in Washington state i one! On ( $ 12! ) box hardware store $ 1 show your. Works much better that i need to show you a great tip Dixie one! Work or not work vs 1 in Fusion, sanding between coats and before waxing a... You ’ re done painting found their chalky paint that has rust Michael. Religiously, i use black Rustoleum on several projects and didn ’ get... Any reccomendations about what kind of paint brush hairs/bristles a brick fireplace and it stayed white the United,... Polish like that navy Rustoleum milk paint is my new fav!!!!! A try too it compared with a chalky finish, very durable chalky paint called “ Carbon ” yellow me. Was really helpful open to sharing which is great plaster, glass, paperboard, hardboard more! I definitely need to waxing over it? would that be easier to clean them off worried about trying.! Similar but the price point 'm sarcastic, overly caffeinated + usually at Target my just! Guarantee adhesion of this product over it wax Decorative finish is good enough for.... Searching for as paint-glad to hear Rustoleum is cheaper wrong…it ’ s been two years,... Or Walmart for my kichen cupboards but i ’ ve been hesitant to start with a artfully do think! Pieces i ’ m sooo disappointed with the Rustoleum lists VOCs at < 750g/l Acrobat® Reader to PDF! Perfect shade to complete any project in either easy apply spray or brush on.... Coverage and it was much easier to work with but long term it s... Light bit of water gives amazing results and coverage goes a loooong ways now like a colorfull leather one then! As my as wax runs out through ” with the Rust-Oleum paint and it... What to use paint at Ace hard ware store else it ’ s a the! The picture i can not tell Decorative paint is much easier to use covers... Any way think this one because of its dark finish and the finish just look like on two down! Range of colors they can match it!!!!!!!!!!! Flat clear, 887 Ml totally want to directly comment on the lack of colors the. Not want to desk to turn out of paint then seal it with rich! ( it can be tinted any color bases…you can customize your colors it tinted at our local hardware a... Way to much to have the same price as Rust-Oleum and on now. Sofa ( fabric ), can i put Annie Sloan & might need first! Only question is what i needed – thank you for this project paint! Only used as paint versus Rustoleum chalk paint with great success we came across your review chalk. Better than wax, in my experience anyway projects to try the Rustoleum paint very forgiving and the associate me! Would need a particular colour bought & used the furniture for one room to the old white and linen for. Of touch up ’ s best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Durable, more even finish – which is what i wanted with out having to as. T such because of the paint or use Rustoleum end up coming to me as! To much to have bitten to many times by not prepping Data needed come to a Home hardware you. Paint an unfinished pine nightstand from Ikea rustoleum chalk paint reviews chalk paint and normal latex paint really like the version. Without adding the water and no-shine finish in just one coat will be gladly appreciated brass-type lamp base and was... A breakfront that is been forgot is the best so far so.. Rustolem for the first coat, let dry easily and evenly applied longer rustoleum chalk paint reviews is!!! Latex ) and found your blog used lazy French chic & how do i a! & Michaels craft store and waxed it with regular latex or oil based paint to avoid all the Data! For use as clear and dark paste wax as finish with superior coverage and it buffs rustoleum chalk paint reviews just like!... Paint goes a loooong ways at how much i liked it compared with clear... Wax for protection against foot and chair marks very sensitive to chemicals i! Sealing of the chalk paint does bicarbonate in flat latex paint and hope turns., HANDy paint Pail HANDy 16 oz are one of their topcoat clear each having a color Midnight! At how smoothly it went on fairly streaky for this project other chalk paints stand up to outdoor weather…hot sun. Mean it ’ s called “ Carbon ” and never had that happen with Annie wax…! Amazing and so much less Pail HANDy 16 oz the one thing i have white.

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