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Removing the fry to a separate growing pond increases their survival. They are quite predacious on small fish and invertebrates that will fit into their mouth. Acquiring: Most trout streams will have a population of Creek Chubs but other streams will have them to. They seem to prefer shallow water and feed actively on pellets w/ no training. I am trying something new this year, growing out redears. Females should outnumber males by 2:1 or 3:2. The creek chub can attain a maximum length of between 6 and 12 inches, depending on its environment; the average is 4 to 6 inches long. What Do They Eat? Adult males grow faster than females do, and the largest creek chub are usually male. Predators include trout and bass. Unless you are able to do something no one else has be able to do, they will not spawn in your pond without a inlet stream. As soon as I can I'll get those pics for you Bill. It has a very large mouth. 5-8" in their first year seems to be the norm for growth. They are quite predacious on small fish and invertebrates that will fit into their mouth. h20fwlkillr - No hurry on getting the picture. Creek chubs will feed on insects, small fishes, crayfish, worms, and mollusks as their diet. The largest one I've ever removed from the creek was 11" long and weighed 13 oz., however most I've removed from the creek were less than 8" and under 7 oz. Primarily filled with creek chubs, the pond owner searched for a manageable solution which would create a sport fishery from an existing forage base of chubs. And culling. For 3 years now I've been working on an experiment with chubs as forage. How Long Do They Live? I noticed the chubs in my creek were spawning in the shallow muddy bottoms, not the gravel beds like you would think. You know what they say “better safe than sorry.” Usually, you do not have to worry about your minnows having a disease, as long as your minnows are from a safe creek, pond, or store-bought. Creek chubs probably head for deeper holes as cold winter takes hold, since it won't freeze and may be a little warmer since the densest liquid water is 4 deg. The creek chub, fallfish, and river chub are exceptions; these fish may reach a foot or more. A small, flap-like barbel is located in the groove in the middle of the upper jaw. Doing some fishing with live bait using creek chub minnows for Bass and catfish. When creek chubs get a bit larger sometimes they lose the darker lateral marking that is often mentioned in the description of the species. My LMB seem to wipe out the BG quicker than they can reproduce. I haven't seen any activity from him on the forum either. Creek chubs can be caught year round, at least in Pennsylvania. Other good choices include Montegail Pond (Map 25, B-4) located in Columbia Falls which contains a wide variety of dace and minnows, East and West Pike Brook Pond (Map 25, C-3) and Pineo Pond (Map 25, C-2) both located in Cherryfield and both containing healthy populations of Golden shiners. According to Buynak and Mohr (1979), Creek Chub and Fallfish (S. corporalis) larvae will feed on live brine shrimp and powdered dry commercial fish food. Young Creek Chubs predominately … Let's see what species of fish this is and get some background info on it first. The intensity of the lateral stripe and dorsal col… . To catch them you can use a very small hook with relatively anything.ex.corn, bread, worms. As surface feeders they tend to jump, so a tight-fitting cover is required. They can be distinguished from most other minnow species by a dark spot at the base of the dorsal (back) fin. The Creek chubs will typically measure up to 4 to 8 inches in length and can reach up … ). Semotilus accept all aquarium fare and are not shy about nibbling a fishkeeper's hands when they enter the tank. The female chub will lay about 25 to 50 eggs in the pit. Less than 20 % of 1-year-olds live to 2 years old. It is about 1/4 acre with 18" average depth and one big hole 14' deep to over winter the fish. Generally dark in color, creek chubs have a purple sheen on their sides. Care must be taken not to overfeed in order to maintain water clarity. Fatheads only grow to about 65-70 mm (2.6-2.8 in), and males grow bigger than females. Most aquariums and aquarium-kept Semotilus are too small to induce spawning, but it's possible with larger specimens. Pictures are a very poor subsitute for body measurements and counts. So do creek chubs, but they soon begin foraging in vegetation for larval insects. h20wflkillr - Can you post or send me a close up picure of one of your larger (7"-8") chubs?. A little winter ice fishing. It may be a few days before I get a chance to though. As the larvae grow they can be weaned over to a more granular prepared food. Growth is rapid. It seems for me they are working out better than the BG. They grow at a fast pace on pellets. As surface feeders they tend to jump, so a tight-fitting cover is required. Whether or not chubs will spawn in a pond, I don't know. This is an efficient way to have bait for many of your fishing trips, OR you can even own them as pets. Inadequately fed specimens may live a long time but tend to look emaciated. Fishing for creek chubs. Creek Chubs are omnivorous, eating most anything that will fit in their mouths. The creek chub (Semotilus atromaculatus) is another type of minnow that's found in the eastern United States and Canada. Almost all Minnesota fish begin eating small copepods and waterfleas from the water column as larvae. Creek Chub. Body color of the back and sides varies from olive to purplish changing to silvery-white on the belly, and a lateral stripe runs from the tip of the snout through the eye to the end of the caudal peduncle. There are some minnows that can live as long as seven to ten years. Do a search here for more info. deficiency) (Copes, pers. By the end of six weeks the fry will have reached 4 cm (1.5 in) in length, whereupon they should be switched to a pellet-sized food. Captive Care Notes: Creek Chubs (Semotilus, Family Cyprinidae)Semotilus do well in aquaria if given sufficient space and food. You just need to place them in a good environment, and you can even raise them for reproduction. In my experience, they tend to be quite common in any sort of trout water as well as some warmer creeks. I believed for many years that chubs are a great bass bait. As stated, most people catch creek … A spaw n&raewary for creek chubs should be con. Most of these little fish live for only 1 year. Australia has 34 alien freshwater fish species living in the wild, two-thirds of which are ornamental fish such as goldfish, cichlids, guppies and gourami. Do a search here for more info. With the exception of Long Island, they are found in waters across the state. These alien fish are pests and can outcompete native fish for shelter, food and other resources. The creek chub is generally not found in lakes, ponds, or streams which experience partial summer- or winter-kills (long-term D.O. Does anyone else raise chubs as forage for their ponds? I finally got my small pond! Creek chubs like small streams and can sometimes be found in small, chilly ponds. Creek chubs can survive for short periods in pools with 2.4 mg/l of dissolved oxygen (Starrett 1950). Eggs hatch in 4-6 days. Since suckers and creek chubs are preferred food sources for musky, my favorite example of a predator impoundment comes from a pond owner who transformed an old beaver pond into a one acre farm pond. The Creek chub will usually reside in small streams. A uniform size among males is preferred since larger males will badger and kill smaller ones. The lifespan of a minnow varies greatly depending on the type of minnow and the conditions it is living in. As the name would indicate, the creek chub does seem to prefer moving waterways like rivers and streams with rock or rubble bottoms. They can also be caught on fly tackle. � 2014 POND BOSS INC. all rights reserved USA and Worldwide. I haven't had time yet to seine the pond. Sharing is not a problem. Thanks for agreeing to help on this project. I suspect you will have to send me a few specimens. I've tried adding adult BG 7-8" long but it hasn't helped the situation. Yes I can do that. ejrfan - We need close up photos to get you an ID of these fish. Bill will you share this photo with the rest of us on the web? Once we know the species we can determine which one will readily spawn in pond conditions. It looked safe enough anyways. Benefits of Minnows in a Pond. I was curious to see how the creek fish tasted in a creek near my house. . Young creek chubs may reach 2”-3” in length within the first year of life. There is a black spot in the first 3 rays of the dorsal fin. Creek Chubs prefer the deeper pools of small and mediumsized streams, but they can also be found in lakes and ponds. My plan is to raise shiners here in Ohio to supply my 1 1/2 acre pond. Three are 5" and one is 6". Semotilus accept all aquarium fare and are not shy about nibbling a fishkeeper's hands when they enter the tank. Only problem I see is chubs are a pain to keep alive, in a koi pond maybe different but in a cool,with aerator you need a lid, everyone of them lil guys will jump out of a bucket,cooler or container with it a lid, and they don't last long in warm water either, … Creek chubs can live for 7-8 years although few make it past 5. Spawning behavior: Stocking density is one female per every 1.5 square feet of spawning area. Fish should be stocked into the raceway when spawning is occurring nearby in the wild, or when the raceway's water temperature has reached 13C (55F) for at least two consecutive days. Feed the chubs heavily on live and prepared foods, including blackworms and crushed snails. I have not seen a picture or a dead fish specimen yet. Generally you will catch creek chubs on smaller flies (I think the one in the picture I caught on a #14 black fur ant - wet). Sources: Wild harvested from rivers and streams in Wisconsin, but efforts are currently underway by Gollon Brothers to culture this species on … They're sharing a 30 long with a 2.75" green sunfish as a tankmate. Eventualy I may want you to send me a dead one so I can key it out to species. Common Names: Chub, Horned Dace, Blacktailed Chub. .Creek Chubs can live up to eight years, but most do not (predators, diseases, man made causes, etc). If sends me an adult fish I also would like to see some of the offspring (smaller ones). Live Bait / Bait Fish / Creek Chub. I am having a 60 x 60 "stocking" pond build soon. struated within th basin of a pond (Figure 1) or at a location where a mall retaining pool can be formed at the lower end- The purpose of this pool is to provide a haven for the brood stook during inactive per iods and to serve as a collecting basin for the newly hathed fry. Fathead minnows and bluntnose minnows, for example, can live several years in a natural environment, such as a pond. Body form is stout and robust, with a broad, blunt head. Creek chub Semotilus atromaculatus: Yes Native to Colorado. A wedged-shaped spot appears at the base of the tail. Males build nests by pushing pebbles with their snouts and carrying them in their mouths. I just got promoted to shift supervisor and having to work alot of hours. Could I convince you guys to plant Swamp Milkweed? They're peaceful with other fishes too small to swallow. Once he is finished the male chub will defend his nest from other males. They seem to grow much faster than BG. They are all white w/ silver grey fins. Working 60+ hours a week and trying to build a new home. Feeding Creek Chubs - posted in Minnows and Suckers: Just picked up 4 creek chubs tonight. Should spawning occur remove the adults. Do creek chubs do good in ponds and where would you buy them. So I built a forage pond with that in mind. My favorite species is the red tailed chub. Splash boards installed in the raceway create riffles and prevent the pool from being filled by washing gravel. It is extremely rare to get chubs to spawn in a pond when they do not have access to moving water and stream bed contitions. Place them into a long 40-gallon aquarium (or larger) outfitted with powerheads for current and a pea gravel substrate. On rare occasions a fathead makes it to 3 years old. This is my third year with successful spawns from my chubs. There is an abundance of snails in this pond and I hope I can get some "double duty" from it. The male will bury the eggs with gravel and both fish would leave. A female will arrive and the two fish will mate. The light coloration may be from the muddy water conditions. I to would like to "id" these chubs. But they can also be found in some lakes and ponds. Adults can reach a maximum size of over 12” but specimens over 10” are uncommon. We can work this out over the next several months. 2. Managing creek chub has been recorded to work in small growing ponds. According to American Aquarium Fishes, spawning Creek Chub (S. atromaculatus) in aquaria requires collecting two nuptial males and 2-4 females from the wild at the beginning of their spawning season. Genus/Species: Semotilus atromaculatus. More about minnows . They can live up to 7 years. Bigeye Chub (Notropis amblops) Bigmouth Shiner … There are eleven species of chubs in "Fishes of Missouri". Each female can produce 400-800 fry, which tend to school in large numbers near the surface along the shore of the refuge pool. Looking for a Pond Builder in West Central MO, Powered by UBB.threads™ PHP Forum Software 7.7.4. H20 is probably still busy. They can tolerate temperatures as high as 104 degrees F - which is unusually high for a North American minnow - and they nosh on zooplankton, insects, plants and algae. Semotilus do well in aquaria if given sufficient space and food. C. But then, creek chubs can survive damn near anything as long as the water is liquid. Inadequately fed specimens may live a long time but tend to look emaciated. Rehoming pet fish in natural waterways causes two big issues. Additionally, the food of the creekchub is limited by other animals, such as trout and other chubs. Commercial bait breeders spawn Creek Chub in large artificial raceways that empty into pools. The raceway is stocked with wild-caught specimens measuring no less than 15 cm (6 in) for males and 13 cm (5 in) for females. I am seining around 200# of chubs a year from this pond and around 50# of crayfish. Minnows eat essentially anything they come across, this includes algae, insects, and mosquito larvae. Once an alien fish species becomes established, it is impossible to get ri… They are very hardy and very plentiful here in Ohio. Fortunately, creek chubs are pretty easy to maintain and keep alive. comm. The first is that most fish kept as pets are not naturally found in Australia, so releasing them means introducing an alien species into the wild. Anyways, I have caught and eaten many fishes in my life - bass, wild tilapia, bluegill, stocked trout, striped bass, etc. My LMB seem to be healthier ,heavier and experiencing faster growth rates. During the first six weeks of life Creek Chub fry eat a fine-grained prepared food. ejrfan.....see my new post in Questions and Observations. I had caught 7 creek chubs/fallfish on garden worms, a hook, and a split shot, and went home. 1 or 2 adults and a couple individuals that you think are youngsters. They will live in the pond fine until something eats them or they die of old age at 10"-11". Algae and Insect Control. Creek Chubs spawn in spring when water temperatures reach about 55 degrees. They live in all but the fastest moving waters of streams and rarely inhabit lakes. They will live in the pond fine until something eats them or they die of old age at 10"-11". Tank Size: I'd say minimum 20gallons for 1-3 but anything larger is recommended to. I first started seining out the chubs from a creek on my property for supplemental feeding, but the creek wasn't large enough to supply the demand my LMB had. It's just kinda big!! The raceway provides the spawning area (running water over gravel), and the pool acts as a refuge for adults and as a collecting basin or rearing pond for the newly hatched fry. LIFE HISTORY. You can either purchase creek chubs in your local fish store or catch them yourself. Creek Chub. Providing the right conditions, with flowing water through the pond, gives the chub the necessary environment to survive. As a consequence of the original SCS program, the term farm pond has come to mean a particular type of pond . If it helps until then, they are coming from a small creek in west central Mo. h20 - I you get photos try and get as close to the front half of the fish as your camera will focus clearly. The smaller minnows usually live only 3 or 4 years; larger species may live 7 to 10 years, and the carp may live somewhat longer. References Yes I'm warfare the chubs can get to big, when they do I'll out them in their own 40 gallon or in my 75 with a bunch if other both native and tropical fish. What Do They Eat?

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