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Silky Face Brush is made from soft pig hair and comes with an easy-to-hold solid wood backing. Horse grooming is an important factor in a horse's health. brushes, soft-horse-brushes … Steel Hoof Pick with Antique Finish. Lots and lots, lots of... Aluminum Mane CombGreat for manes and tails and fits in the palm of your hand. A dandy brush is a long oval brush with stiff, long bristles. Beautiful Custom Engraved Horse Brush -FACE BRUSH- GrecoLaserDesigns. I don’t use the curry on their legs, and it could be uncomfortable for them. Lettia Zebra Print, Horse Face Brush 5" and Hoof Pick w/ Brush 6" $6.00. And I have found most of my preferred body brushes have a hand strap to hold your hand in the brush. Measures 3 1/2". SALE. Makes brushing out manes and tails a cinch. The German-made brush… 6 1/2 x 2 1/4 Wooden Blocks.Colors:... Aluminum pulling comb with hoof pick. It is made from soft pig hair with an... Curry On A Stik Mindful Grooming Comb What can the Curry on a Stik’ be used for?You can use your Curry on a Stik’ for horse grooming, massaging, or bathing.Is... Small Plastic Mane CombThis is the small Plastic comb. TailWrap Wooden Block Professional BrushesGrey... TailWrap Wooden Block Professional BrushesGrey Union FiberMade by Winners Circle and Champion BrushA softer blend of black Indian Palmyra and bleached Mexican Tampico create a distinctive salt and pepper appearance.... Brush Silky Body 8.5 inch Pig Bristle gives great finish on your horse!Soft pig bristle and natural hard wood make up this very popular horse finishing brush.This body brush is... Professional Wooden Block Grey Union Brush - Large TailWrap Wooden Block Professional Brushes Grey Union FiberA softer blend of black Indian Palmyra and bleached Mexican Tampico create a distinctive salt and... Brush - TailWrap Deluxe Hardwood BlockNow a tail brush the quality of the famous Tail Wrap products. Price From: $3.99 . Be the first to know about sales and upcoming events at Horse Tack Co. Grooming Brushes & Combs. From shop GrecoLaserDesigns. Silver Overlay Hoof PickTexas Star motif. Availability: The Haas Head and Face Brush is the perfect horse grooming brush for faces and delicate areas. I personally prefer the hard rubber style. Horze Western Tack Horse Grooming Soft Grip Body Synthetic Bristles Brush. It helps to smooth out the body hair and leave your horse with a more finished and glossy look. This soft brush is a great size for brushing faces, legs, and other sensitive areas, because it's not too small. Hand engraved silver overlay. Every equestrian, whether they ride English or western, needs a few basic grooming supplies to keep their horse looking and feeling their best. The Wire Horse carries a large selection of brushes of every kind to make grooming your horse or pony a breeze. With an ergonomic design and comfort rubber grip, this brush fits perfectly into any size hand, making it easy to grip and use. The face brush removes loose dirt and fine hair. The bristles are long, but a little bit softer and are a little gentler on their skin. From shop GrecoLaserDesigns. They love having their faces brushed with a super soft brush! Face Brush, Natural Horse Hair by Hill Brush Inc. (0) Write a review Ask a question. Check out the handle - rubber coated with a grip this... Vinyl Coated Hoof Pick in Four Colors There should be a contest on which barn owner has the most Vinyl Coated Hoof Picks. Details. The SmartPak Face Brush is an ultra soft goat hair brush that your horse will love! If you are brushing your horses face, you want to use a very soft brush for this sensitive area. Soft face brush is perfect for the most delicate areas.Gently groom your horse's face with this small, soft brush with a leather handle. The finishing brush also removes any traces of dust that may have accumulated after you have finished your brushing. You can comb some mane with this! This way it conforms to my hand and I can really get in there and rub (or curry) my horses. This brush … It must feel good, because when we get to this part of the grooming session, they always lower their heads and close their eyes. This process allows you to relax and bond with your horse as well as check them over for any cuts or injuries. Situated on 45 acres of rolling hills and woods on the banks of the scenic Looking Glass River, Fox Brush Farm in Dewitt, Michigan is heaven for both horse and rider. The rubber is usually gentle enough to give a massage as well as distributing the oils of the coat, this is what gives you that shine. The curry comb I love best is made from rubber, and it has a web style hand strap. It is an affordable alternative to buying “real” rub rags, and they work just as good. And the job of the body brush is to again, distribute the oils of the coat which will produce a deep shine or glow to the coat. Regular price New Holland, PA 17557, EST Monday - Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 10am-4pm, {{ getTextTransByKey('products.product.in_stock') }}, {{ getTextTransByKey('products.product.out_of_stock') }}, {{ getTextTransByKey('products.product.sold_out') }}, {"en":"Best Selling","fr":"Best Selling"}, Professional Wooden Block Grey Union Brush - Med, Professional Wooden Block Grey Union Brush - Largeg, {{ getTextTransByKey('products.product.add_to_cart') }}, {{ decodeHtml(cartResProduct.product_title)}}, {{ getTextTransByKey("products.product.upsell_checkout_btn") }}, {{ getTextTransByKey("cart.general.title") }}. Lettia Zebra Horse Face Brush 5" Purple/Black - 1 lot of 2 brushes. Grooming does more than just get your horse ready for a riding lesson or show. Horse Face Brush. A curry comb is one of the best tools to really get a glowing and shiny coat on your horse, even in the wintertime! A soft, small brush made especially for the horse's face also works well. My horses LOVE to have their faces brushed with the super soft brush. And every once in a while, I will remove the curry comb and bounce it on my leg, or the back of another brush to get the accumulated dust and hair out. Choose from our: For a perfectly groomed horse from mane to hoof, be sure to check out our collection of grooming supplies at Horse Tack Co. Silver Overlay Hoof PickReining Horse motif.Steel Hoof Pick with Antique Finish. Horse Face BrushSoft pig bristle and natural hard wood make up this very popular brush.This face brush is the best available. P.O. Featuring 1-inch soft white bristles in a 4.75 x 1.75-inch wood block, it’s perfect for dusting, touch-ups and other light brushing. Favorite Add to Personalised horse brush/Personalised horse gift/Custom horse gift/Horse grooming brush/Horse brush/Brush for horse/Pony brush… by Wahl. It has been my experience that any soft rag or towel can be used as a final rub rag. What a luxury! View Details. Solidly built of cast aluminum makes this pulling comb practically unbreakable. Plastic Mane and Tail Comb. You know, too soft... Bedford Horse Brush. And it also helps to remove some dirt and loose hair. Made with colorful synthetic bristles. Horse Face BrushSoft pig bristle and natural hard wood make up this very popular brush.This face brush is the best available. This extra-soft brush is perfect for gentle brushing on his muzzle and around the eyes and ears. UltraCruz ® Equine Face Brush, 100% Horse Hair brush is a soft horse face brush. Sale, {{ getTextTransByKey('products.product.in_stock') }} In fact the curry comb is the first brush I use when I’m grooming, and I continue using it through the entire grooming process. This is why I always start with the curry comb when I’m grooming my horses. In the winter and early spring when there is mud, I use a rice root dandy brush. But which kind of brush do you use when? And as with my dandy brush, I use my curry comb along with my body brush to knock out the loose dirt and hair. Unlike most the brushes this one has very... TailWrap Paddle Mane and Tail BrushThis is a great brush. Large Beastie Body Brush in assorted colors. The horse head at the end makes these quit unique. Our focus is on safely having fun with our horses. And I apologize for the dirty curry comb in this picture, but hey, this is real, and my favorite grooming tool! Description Pamper your pony with the Decker Manufacturing Company Face Horse Brush. A curry comb is a brush that every horse owner has seen, and probably uses. The Lettia Sparkly Face Brush is a sparkly brush that will help keep your horse looking his. I thought it would be fun to go over some different horse brushes and kind of demystify which brushes you need to be using for your horse, and when you should be using them. The Wahl Horse Face Brush gently removes dust, loose dirt and fine hair from your horse’s face and head. To learn more about our products, reach out online or give us a call at 866-624-8225. $12.65. The soft bristles whisk away any remaining debris in these sensitive, hard to navigate areas. A good thing to remember, if you get tired by the time you are done currying your horse, you’re doing it right. Soft pig bristle and natural hard wood make up this very popular brush. The pick and the brush on the same sturdy tool. Great for manes and tails and fits in the palm of your hand.Color: Red, Green or BlueMeasures 3 1/2. And when they shed out and have a shorter summer coat, I use more of a flick style dandy brush. The action of the dandy … 5 out of 5 stars (202) 202 reviews $ 18.00. Date First Available : March 15, 2014; Manufacturer : Horze Equestrian; Best Sellers Rank: #546,004 in Pet Supplies (See Top 100 in Pet Supplies) #1,227 in Horse Brushes #1,227 in Horse Brushes… Face Brush Purple . Regular price And as I rub the curry in a circular pattern, I will see the dirt and dust work it’s way up to the surface of the coat, and you can see it. Horse Face Brush, kind and effective.The synthetic bristles on this horse brush are just the perfect amount of softness for actually getting faces and ears cleaner. Free shipping . I have washed all my brushes, even the really expensive ones, and never had any issues with them. This fine quality HAAS brush features bristles made of a mixture of very soft white horse hair.

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