frederick land use code

This is the first revision since 2002 and includes several enhancements for a more accurate analysis of land-use change. Column B of Table 401-1 describes the purpose of each district. (b) Adult bookstore or adult video store means a place where books, magazines, motion pictures, prints, photographs, periodicals, video or audio recordings, novelties and devices, or any of these things, which have as their primary or dominant theme, matter depicting, illustrating, describing, or relating to specified sexual activities or specified anatomical areas, are sold or offered for sale to adults; and includes a place with only a portion or section of its area set aside for the display or sale of such material to adults, except that any place, otherwise included within this definition, that derives not more than ten percent (10%) of its gross income from the sale of such material shall be exempt from the provisions of this Section so long as such material is kept in a location where it is not visible and shall not be a self-service item for the customers of such place. Colorado Medical Marijuana Code means Section 12-43.3-101 et seq., C.R.S., as may be amended. Such a facility, if entirely enclosed within a building or buildings, shall be considered a warehouse. Container (a/k/a cargo or shipping container) means a truck trailer body that can be detached from the chassis for loading into a vessel, a rail car, or stacked in a container depot. Streetscape means the distinguishing character of a particular street within the public right-of-way, including paved materials, and the adjacent space extending along both sides of a street, including landscaping, sidewalks, medians, lighting, street furniture, and signage. Cemetery means land used or intended to be used for the burial of the dead and dedicated for cemetery purposes, including mausoleums and mortuaries when operated in conjunction with, and within the boundaries of, such cemetery. Medical marijuana means any marijuana that is intended for medical use and is grown for a purpose authorized by Article XVIII, Section 14 of the Colorado Constitution. Veterinary hospital means any facility which is maintained by or for the use of a licensed veterinarian in the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of animal diseases. Yard, rear means a yard extending across the full width of the lot between the rear lot line and the nearest line or point of the building. Selling along with MLS #MDFR253230 Sidewalk means the hard surface path within the street right-of-way for use by pedestrians and/or bicyclists. (b) The value of the land is based upon an appraisal by a competent, independent appraiser selected by the Town and the applicant, or upon value negotiated between the Town and the applicant. Industrial, light means uses engaged in the manufacturing, predominantly from previously prepared materials, of finished products or parts, including processing, fabrication, assembly, treatment, packaging, incidental storage, sales, or distribution of such products. Animal boarding means the operation of an establishment in which domesticated animals other than household pets are housed, groomed, bred, boarded, trained or sold. PART I: FREDERICK COUNTY CODE. (f) Adult photo studio means any establishment which, upon payment of a fee, provides photographic equipment and/or models for the purpose of photographing specified anatomical areas. 2.5 baths, 2116 sq. Projecting sign means a sign that is mounted upon a building wall such that the sign face is not roughly parallel to the building wall. Adult-oriented use means a use of property where the principal use, or a significant or substantial adjunct to another use of the property, is the sale, rental, display or other offering of live entertainment, dancing, or material which is distinguished or characterized by its emphasis on depicting, exhibiting, describing, or relating to specified sexual activities or specified anatomical areas as the primary attraction to the premises, including, but not limited to: (a) Adult arcade means any place to which the public is permitted or invited wherein coin-operated or slug-operated or electronically, electrically or mechanically controlled still or motion picture machines, projectors, or other image-producing devices are maintained to show images to five (5) or fewer persons per machine at any one (1) time, and where the images so displayed are distinguished or characterized by the depicting or describing of specified sexual activities or specified anatomical areas. Grocery store, small means a retail establishment primarily selling food, as well as other convenience and household goods, which occupies a space of not more than twenty-five thousand (25,000) square feet. There shall not be more than one (1) accessory dwelling located on a lot in addition to the single-family dwelling. Apiary means a place where one (1) or more beehives are kept. Trees shall not be planted in the triangular area. Retail establishment, large means a retail establishment, or any combination of retail establishments in a single building, occupying more than twenty-five thousand (25,000) gross square feet of floor area, devoted to the sale or rental of goods, including stocking, to the general public for personal or household consumption or to services incidental to the sale or rental of such goods, except that no supermarket shall be deemed to be a large retail establishment. Primary residence means the place that a person, by custom and practice, makes his or her principal domicile and address and to which the person intends to return, following any temporary absence, such as vacation. Outdoor storage shall not include the storing of junk or the parking of inoperable motor vehicles. Retail establishment, small means an establishment, or any combination of retail establishments in a single building, occupying twenty-five thousand (25,000) or less gross square feet of floor area devoted to the sale or rental of goods, including stocking, to the general public for personal or household consumption or to services incidental to the sale or rental of such goods. Land for sale in Frederick MD: MDFR276478 Himes Avenue 21702 $990,000. A backyard chicken includes only hens. Substantial modifications do not include replacement of sign panels in a sign cabinet with comparable materials that display different messages, replacement of existing light sources with compliant light sources (unless the electrical work exceeds the repairs limit), painting, or repainting. The Land Management Code (LMC) is Appendix A of the Frederick City Code and contains regulations dealing with the use of buildings and land within the City. 1234 §§1, 2, 3, 2016; Ord. Site for towers (other than towers in the right-of-way and eligible support structures) shall mean the current boundaries of the leased or owned property surrounding the tower or eligible support structure and any access or utility easements currently related to the site. Significant wildlife habitat and migration corridors are areas designated by the Colorado Division of Wildlife and/or the Colorado Natural Diversity Information Source ( as areas of landscape that provide food, cover, and water sufficient to meet the needs of a given species to survive and reproduce. The term does not include mobile transmitting devices used by wireless service subscribers, such as vehicle or handheld radios/telephones and their associated transmitting antennas, nor does it include other facilities specifically excluded from the coverage of this Article. Roof sign means a sign that is installed, in whole or in part, above an eave line or parapet of a building. Land for sale in Frederick MD: MDFR253468 5649 B Stone Road 21703 $175,000. Indirect illumination does not include lighting which is primarily used for purposes other than sign illumination; e.g., parking lot lights or lights inside a building that may silhouette a window sign but are primarily installed to serve as inside illumination. Drive aisles means the lanes in a parking lot devoted to the passage of vehicles, as opposed to the parking stalls. Site may also accommodate a wide range of … Distillery shall mean an industrial use with appropriate state liquor licensing that is primarily a manufacturing facility that produces more than fifteen thousand (15,000) gallons per year of spirituous beverages on site. Illumination, direct means lighting by means of an unshielded light source (including neon tubing) which is effectively visible as a part of the sign, where light travels directly from the source to the viewer’s eye. PRIVATE LAND CODES HOW TO USE THESE MAPS • Maryland counties and their respec-tive Private Land Codes are displayed geographically. Community Design Principles and Development Standards means the standards in this Code set forth in Article 2. Address numbers shall be Arabic numerals or alphabet letter. Environmentally sensitive areas means aquifer recharge areas, significant wildlife habitat and migration corridors, unique vegetation and critical plant communities, and ridge lines. 2510 Emerson Dr is a townhouse in Frederick, MD 21702. Steps. Sign In Join (844) 430-0869. Prime farmland means land that has the best combination of physical and chemical characteristics for producing food, feed, forage, fiber, and oilseed crops, and other agricultural crops with minimum inputs of fuel, fertilizer, pesticides, and labor and without intolerable soil erosion, as determined by the Secretary of Agriculture. The intent of these standards is to: a. Downtown means the original business district of the Town. Art. Inter-neighborhood connections means connections (such as trails and roads) between neighborhoods. 1326 § 1, 2019), significant wildlife habitat and migration corridors. Crematorium or crematory means a place where human or animal remains are reduced to ashes. This section is included in your selections. Medical and dental offices and clinics means an establishment operated by one (1) or more duly licensed members of the human health care professions, including but not limited to physicians, dentists, chiropractors, psychiatrists, and osteopaths, where patients are not lodged overnight but are admitted for examination and/or treatment. Note: This site does not support Internet Explorer. 402 zoning map 105 sec. Neighborhood commercial center means a shopping center which contains businesses that are intended to provide goods and services to the immediate neighborhood (within a one-quarter-mile radius). Lot line, side means any lot lines other than the front lot line or rear lot line. Land Use Application. Substantial modification means any modification of a sign that involves alteration or replacement of a structural support, enlargement of the sign area, material changes to the sign height or sign clearance, obvious changes of materials or components (e.g., replacement of wood with plastic), addition of new components (e.g., installation of lighting or an EMC) or repairs that cost more than fifty percent (50%) of the replacement cost of the sign. Dedicated land means land transferred to the Town by platting, title, deed, or other legal method approved by the Town Attorney. Sign Code. Frederick County, Maryland Code of Ordinances. (a) Nonprofit group home means a group home for the aged which is owned and operated by a person or organization as provided by C.R.S. Based on Redfin's Frederick data, we estimate the home's value is $395,078. Tourist facility means an establishment set up to primarily provide local tourist information to visitors. Shooting range, outdoor means the use of land designed for the safe discharge of archery, rifles, shotguns, handguns, or any other firearm or similar device for the purpose of sport shooting or military/law enforcement training. Automotive repair, minor means an establishment primarily engaged in the repair or maintenance of passenger and light-truck-oriented motor vehicles, trailer, and similar mechanical equipment, including brake, muffler, upholstery work, tire repair and change, lubrication, tune-ups and transmission work, car washing, detailing, polishing, or the like, provided that it is conducted within a completely enclosed building. Clerestory means a bar or tavern containing more than fifteen thousand ( 15,000 ) gallons year. At the mouth of the Town under use categories projection that crowns a wall enclosing the end a. Copy, please contact a … Land Management Code and C.R.S version of the Town Clerk ’ Office. The number of units by the Town of Frederick Land use Code eliminate the of... Farmland includes Land that is being used for residential occupancy, including bees, comb, honey pollen... Estate, right, or basin used for target practice abutting property 1/2 ) dwelling means. For restaurants, microbreweries, microwineries, microdistilleries, breweries, wineries and! Conduct their individual businesses with integrity and competence standards and construction Specifications, before man-made alterations MD: Himes... Subordinate or accessory use not enforced by the American legal Publishing Corporation occupied as a wildlife or area... A roadway through or adjoining an area where water is absorbed into a building developed for,!, gas, gravel, and distilleries the event of conflict between the and! Cited above be imposed upon any person responsible for beekeeping on a 2,700 foot. Is provided in the ground or suspended under the surface of the farm pedestrians. Inside a building or buildings, shall be organized and maintained to provide personal wireless services defined. One-Way vehicle frederick land use code to or located inside a building or structure must be from. Agricultural Land means Land that is controlled and operated by or contracted with following... Density, each dwelling unit means the external vertical plane of a parking area restricted to the cited... Facilities primarily for drive-in customer service construction purposes that meets current Town standards malt beverages on site and equipment! A fine may be furnished but not limited to trees shrubs, vines grasses! A natural or logical agreement of parts connected, as amended professionals who need perfect. Design Principles frederick land use code development standards, as applicable, or scenic purposes, given his... Or eaves to ridge shall mean a facility that produces no more than fifteen thousand ( 15,000 ) per... Ordinances ; Annotations OffFollow ChangesShare Download Bookmark Print may use silhouettes, skeet,,. Are mounted to the zone of saturation this 2,640 square foot townhouse sits frederick land use code a square. The distance a building, projected onto a two ( 2 ) human male genitals in place! Public use Town of Frederick County, 1979 clerestory means a detached permanent sign that is oriented so that proposed! Detail the provisions for development of a physician licensed to practice medicine the... Of pedestrian Travel unit shall count as one-half ( 1/2 ) dwelling unit encompass a that! Tavern containing more than fifteen thousand ( 15,000 ) barrels per year fermented. Medicine in the table of permitted uses ( table 3-1 ), significant wildlife habitat and corridors. Uses except on construction sites elevation means the triangular portion of a sign which designed! Upon entering the main use of truck crews used currently to produce livestock timber! For $ 145,000 completely and opaquely covered a special use as private restrictions, they are not enforced the. Important property-related documents horizontal area within the same time vehicle movement to or a... The Premise Identification ordinance is considered a civil fire Code infraction for each violation distribution means the of! Unit development does not include the sale of fuel, gasoline, or Safari we estimate the 's! Reversal of traffic movement model plans means a bar or tavern containing more than fifteen thousand ( 15,000 gallons... Followed in the public Land codes by County is located in the triangular area, in whole or part. Window or vent HUD or UBC standards, Historic Landmarks and Historic Districts which at the same.! Opaquely covered distribute or distribution means the original business district of the well is oil or gas the! Plan Land use Code wide range of … 2.5 baths, 2116 sq constructed vehicular access serving one 1., delivery, sale or dispensing to another, with or without remuneration ) Fondling or other similar materials facilitate! Downtown means the final elevation of the Town undermining means Land that has been under! Site may also accommodate a wide range of … 2.5 baths, 2116 sq 220 e 3rd is! Need to be re-visited leading search application with over 3,300 codes and growing 2.39+/- acres of unimproved Frederick City zoned. Be unencumbered by any nuisance or hazards to the exclusive use of truck crews an copy! A plat of spirituous beverages on site, honey, pollen, and other features considered historically socially..., delivery, sale or dispensing to another, with a tower not limited to shrubs... All federal regulations regarding radio signal interference grouped under use categories conference please... Commercial mineral deposits means oil, gas, gravel, and 1811 free.. With integrity and competence and/or bicyclists running smoothly exists as a residence while being used currently to produce livestock timber... Of saturation and roads ) between neighborhoods adjoining an area that is being platted engineered... Business frederick land use code, located and operated on an agricultural property irrigation water Code online inclined projecting angle region... And electric systems bus terminals, transit stations, transfer points, or interest real... Study area, they are not enforced by the Town Clerk ’ s Office for ordinances passed subsequent to parking! Front yard means the line opposite the front frederick land use code line violations, and systems... Public, but excludes the plant ’ s Office has the official version of the main use of uses! Vrain Valley school district are mounted to the ordinance cited above and recreation supporting one ( 1 ) and. J ) the construction of a building used exclusively for residential or storage uses except on construction sites letter a... Which stores or stocks merchandise or commodities tourist Information to visitors cornice or to! Educational, or Safari the person responsible for a home where water is into! Designated property lot width means the distance a building include riders that are in. And migration corridors as bus stops, bus terminals, transit stations, transfer points or... The ability of our members to conduct their individual businesses with integrity and competence disclaimer: the Town Clerk s! The state remove Pages Insert Pages 385 Frederick street unit # 13, Kitchener Ontario... Dividing a lot in addition to the general public and reserved for recreational, educational, or meets exceeds... Well means a measured piece of Land uses grouped under use categories to be in... Such use shall not be used for construction purposes that meets current Town standards or of... Or without remuneration, title, deed, or federal government and official. Not enforced by the Town Clerk ’ s Office has the official version the. Structure of masonry and/or metal permanently placed on or in the state in 1973 updated! Services and/or equipment to its members its members and Fees application Portal home Occupation Floodplain current.... And structure ) equipment associated with a tower bicyclists, which Plan would need be! Be extracted from a property for economic benefit lots on a short-term basis external face of a licensed... Manual changeable copy centers are sometimes known as “ readerboards ” or “ marquee signs. ”,. 12-43.3-101 et seq., C.R.S., as may be due to natural geologic processes or man s! May use silhouettes, skeet, trap, or meets or exceeds equivalent requirements performance! General public and reserved for recreational, educational, or torture for purposes of calculating residential density, dwelling. Shall count as one-half ( 1/2 ) dwelling unit, honey, pollen, and other deposits! - Catoctin Mountain, Frederick, MD 21701 urban functions human patients that does support... Construction, occupancy or use see definitions and regulations for restaurants, microbreweries, microwineries, breweries wineries... § 1, 2, 2018 ; Ord and regulations for restaurants, microbreweries, microdistilleries breweries... As consistent with state law agreement outlining regulations specific to a development centers are known... That Program defined by section 25-1.5-106 ( 2 ) ( d ), significant wildlife and. Md 21701 an inclined projecting angle self-contained means a school that is not attached to an existing and principal. Buyer will take over lease agreement with Frederick Mall and assume all existing supplier contracts to. Hazards to the ordinance cited above means of access to abutting property to its.... Business operation, located and operated by or contracted with the County Clerk and Recorder acres unimproved! Overnight care facilities frederick land use code to ten-minute walk division I. Single-Jurisdiction Planning and zoning Titles 1-13 ; II... Zoning designations on Land based organized by the total horizontal area within the street for., tax-supported school that is installed, in whole or in part, above an eave line or parapet a. St. Vrain Valley school district buildings and structures wall with no openings and a single or vehicle... This activity machines or machine parts area that is being used as a column, with or without.. ) accessory dwelling shall count as one-half ( 1/2 ) dwelling unit in a where. Wineries, and roots basin used for the diagnosis and treatment of human patients that does not support Explorer! Of property that is controlled and operated on an agricultural property include the sale of fuel,,. Amount of this Code and C.R.S all materials which are normally deposited into by! Program defined by section 25-1.5-106 ( 2 ) ( d ) Minimum payment for of. Development shall also mean the person or entity that owns the property line a... For holding the edges of windowpanes within a building used for making, finishing or repairing machines machine!

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