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[1], Part of their critique is the effectiveness of the Allied air forces. Army Air Forces Historical Study No. The purpose of the operation was to remove the air and sea potential of the Axis powers from the island. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. [21], Brig. The "Desert Air Task Force" consisting of American B-25 Mitchell medium bombers (the 12th and 340th Bombardment Groups) and P-40 Warhawk fighter planes (the 57th, 79th, and 324th Fighter Groups) from the 9th Air Force served under the command of Air Marshal Sir Arthur Coningham of the Northwest African Tactical Air Force. 10th Squadron, C-47 Skytrains11th Squadron, C-47s12th Squadron, C-47s28th Squadron, C-47s, 4th Squadron, C-47 Skytrains7th Squadron, C-47s8th Squadron, C-47s51st Squadron, C-47s, 29th Squadron, C-47s47th Squadron, C-47s48th Squadron, C-47s49th Squadron, C-47s, 16th Squadron, C-47 Skytrains17th Squadron, C-47s18th Squadron, C-47s35th Squadron, C-47s, 32nd Squadron, C-47s50th Squadron, C-47s61st Squadron, C-47s62nd Squadron, C-47s. 216 (Transfer and Ferry) Group, which were subdivisions of MAC under the command of Tedder. On 13 July, he sent a message to Benito Mussolini complaining of “more than 320 fighters destroyed on the ground as the result of Allied aerial attack in the last three weeks.” When the two dictators met at Feltre on 19 July, Hitler further noted that between 300 and 400 aircraft out of 500 to 600 were destroyed on the ground in the recent Allied air offensive.[4]. It launched the Italian Campaign. Change ), The Gregg Centre for the Study of War and Society, The Laurier Centre for Military Strategic and Disarmament Studies, Arduino – Learning and Applying the Basics. General John K. Cannon, U.S. APO 525[21], Air Vice-Marshal Keith Park, the commander of Air Headquarters Malta, had his headquarters in Valletta, Malta[27], Air Commodore Whitney Straight, Headquarters at Heliopolis, Egypt[27], Air Vice Marshal Sturley Simpson had his headquarters in Gibraltar, Air Marshal Sir Sholto Douglas Combat Units Of World War II, (Source: © IWM (C 4183)), These figures do not stand up to the scrutiny of other sources. 1st Air Defense Wing:91st Squadron, P-39 Airacobras93rd Squadron, P-39 Airacobras, Air Marshal Sir Arthur Coningham had his headquarters in Hammamet, Tunisia[21]. [nb 1]German Army Liaison Officer: Generalleutnant Fridolin von Senger und Etterlin. The air superiority battles around and above Operation HUSKY in the summer of 1943 were a significant milestone in the air war against the European Axis. The first part (Husky I) starts with a 61st Troop Carrier Squadron flight from Kairouan, North Africa and ends with its crew on a US Navy LCI (Landing Craft Infantry) that joined others in shooting down 23 American C-47s during Husky II. ( Log Out /  Operation Husky No.1 (9 July 1943) was an American airborne operation designed to occupy key areas of high ground inland from the American beaches on Sicily.. Eastern Naval task Force transported the Eastern Task Force (8th British Army) and provided Naval gunfire support. It was a big sea and air operation, followed by six weeks of land fighting. Supermarine Spitfire Mark Vs of No. 35 anti-tank guns), Artillery Battery (75/18 mod. 3 (Summer 2013): 6-7 for a summary of this literature. Twelfth Air Forces in the Sicilian Campaign, It was a large scale amphibious and airborne operation, followed by six weeks of land combat. Headquarters at Cairo, Egypt[21], Air Vice Marshal Thomas Langsford-Sainsbury, Headquarters at Alexandria, Egypt, No Wing assignment: 701 Naval Air Squadron (FAA), Walrus Air-Sea Rescue, Note: [21], Lt. General Carl Spaatz had his headquarters for the Northwest African Air Forces in Maison-Carrée, Algeria[21], Maj. General James H. Doolittle, in command of the Northwest African Strategic Air Force, had his headquarters in Constantine, Algeria[21], Air Vice-Marshal Sir Hugh Lloyd also had his headquarters in Algiers. Not a machine was left intact, not even the [Junkers] which had just landed. In it, they offer a scathing review of the performance of the Allied militaries in Operation HUSKY, the 1943 invasion of Sicily. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notes: Office of Air Force History, Operation Husky: The Sicily Landings 9 - 10 July 1943: The invasion fleet at sea, viewed from the bridge of one of the ships. [1], The Western Naval Task Force transported the Western Task Force (7th U.S. Army) and provided Naval gunfire support.[1][15]. Fuel trucks, hangars, aircraft, autos, everything was burning. At the end of the day, aerial combat isn’t that different from fighting on land – you’re just … The major subdivisions of the MAC included the Northwest African Air Forces (NAAF) under the command of Lt. General Carl Spaatz of the U.S. Army Air Forces, the American 12th Air Force (also commanded by Gen. Spaatz), the American 9th Air Force under the command of Lt. General Lewis H. Brereton, and units of the British Royal Air Force (RAF). The major harbors garrisons were under command of the Italian Navy. The Allied invasion of Sicily, codenamed Operation Husky, was a major World War II campaign, in which the Allies took Sicily from the Axis (Italy and Nazi Germany). There it was assigned to the Mediterranean Air Transport Service, and along with NATCC, this was a subdivision of the Mediterranean Air Command. 37 242 Group was originally a part of the, Participation of the Ninth & Twelfth Air Forces in the Sicilian Campaign, Army Air Forces Historical General Delmar had his headquarters in Dunton, Algiers. (Source: © IWM (CNA 1029)), Header Image: A line of Macchi MC200 fighters on Reggio di Calabria airfield under attack by cannon fire from two Bristol Beaufighter Mark ICs of No. [4] Albert N. Garland and Howard M. Smyth, The United States Army in World War II, The Mediterranean Theatre of Operations: Sicily and the Surrender of Italy (Washington, D.C.: US Army Center of Military History, 1993[1965]), 240 and 243. [21], Oran, Algeria Sector: 92nd Squadron, P-39 Airacobra fighter planes Specifically, the raid eliminated Steinhoff’s JG 77, I/JG 53 (which lost 20 aircraft), and much of II/JG 27. Target - German-held Sicily. Activated 18 July[33] to take command of 15th Panzergrenadier Division, the Hermann Göring Division, the newly arrived 1st Parachute Division and the 29th Panzergrenadier Division which started to arrive in Sicily 18 July., General der Panzertruppe Hans-Valentin Hube. Operation Husky, as it was known, gave the Allies a base in the Mediterranean and a jumping off point for an invasion of Italy. The Operation began at night of 9/10 July. here you will find information on currently available aircraft, current projects, and future designs as well as progress on builds and texture creations. [6] Hans Werner Neulen, In the Skies of Europe: Air forces allied to the Luftwaffe, 1939-1945 (Ramsbury, Marlborough: The Crowood Press Ltd., 2005), 72. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. [This manuscript, identified as United States Naval Administrative History of World War II #148c, is located in the Navy Department Library's Rare Book Room.] Doing this would give the Allies access to the Mediterranean Sea for their own ships. 'Operation Husky' was to be a combined amphibious and airborne attack scheduled for that summer under the supreme command of General Dwight D. Eisenhower. The amphibious assaults were to be supported by naval gunfire, as well as tactical bombing, interdiction and close air support by the combined air forces. (Washington, DC: 1947). General Max Ulrich, commander of the 29th Panzer Grenadier Division offered the 8:1 ratio when comparing the odds his forces faced. Hitler was particularly displeased with the ground organization in Sicily and southern Italy.

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