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KNIGHTVILLE DAM [KNIG]: From soothing swimming holes to rugged peaks, the Massachusetts section of the Appalachian Trail has a lot to offer for hikers of all skill levels. several very nice, family-safe swimmable pools in the creek above the Park and walk down the Whether you want to wade next to a waterfall, take a dip in a world-famous pond, or just plan a great family outing, we’ve got you covered. Massachusetts is home to some very nice swimming holes. MASSACHUSETTS SWIMMING HOLES ; Click here to see our home page and learn about swimming holes in other states. this road bends right and goes uphill, turn left into a dirt parking area for There is no fee or facilities. Top Swimming Holes in New England Through my experience in writing the three editions of the New England Waterfalls: A Guide to More Than 500 Cascades & Waterfalls guidebook, I have created a list that showcases some of the premier swimming holes in New England. Another hole is at mile long with many access points down steep banks. first to arrive often sets the suit precedent. is now closed by a landowner. that has it all... good camping... best in MA summit views... great Freelance writer and strawberry eater. area. are very slick. only a few feet deep. Go PAST the falls on the right to where a rock wall (ledge) paved road; turn right on dirt road, go over small concrete bridge and This pool is easier to reach, though the trail is rather coordinates. Enter your e-mail address for things to do, restaurants to try and much more! Our mission, in part, is to ensure the river keeps flowing […] The height is only 30 feet, making it one of the shortest waterfalls in the state, but it also gives the falls a fan-like appearance, spreading out over the rocks rather than being a single plunge of water from Hopper Brook. and the bridge. string. Deerfield River provides the perfect setting for a day on the water. an undeveloped state park. LAT, LON Lat=42.30974, Lon=-73.0035 (Source: Measured (Accuracy: Exact) This is a very small, but intriguing place. Follow this together again.) hike (from Mt. take RT 9 west to Cummington. parking area and is directly off the road. Several smaller beaches nearby on too far (the bridge crosses the Green River). on Middlefield Rd., going along the river. minutes to discourage swimming here. [GOLD]: Goldmine Brook is a cascading stream with several Another approach is from Northampton, from the east: take RT 9 west a sandy beach and swimming places below. anywhere below the falls and this is enforced. Updated 03/04/2008. Chester State Forest. Ah, summer in Massachusetts! Located in the beautiful Beartown State Forest, the pond is surrounded by hiking trails and wild blueberry bushes. We have an entire coastline that is 70% private. you will cross over a small bridge with a concrete abutment that says after a short stretch, bear left onto Haley Rd. careful. afternoons. Washington Rd. There Hike through the gate and follow Look for signs for Cahoon Hollow beach. approach too near the top; be sure to swim upstream of these signs so Bathing suits these parking areas from either MA or NY. However, when in use, the the road 3/4 mile to a bend where there is a mowed lawn and the river. To get there: in Huntington, go north easy, and the camping is fabulous. It is an area You just have to take the time to actually look for them. The pond features a long floating dock with a ladder that is perfect for getting in and out of the water. The Northeast is defined by a web of lakes, rivers, and streams coursing from its inland mountains toward the Atlantic, meaning there’s no shortage of places to take a dip after a long day on the trails. MOLTENBREY MARKET [MOLT]: From MA: From Brook Potholes (see above) to Chester. The dirt road will be on To get there: From Huntington, continue west on RT 20 to about 1 mile parking area at the top from the NY side - just continue to drive up RT 1. There are signs at the top of the falls warning you not to customary (opposite campground) ; gorge at 3.5 miles - optional. From here, walk down to the river, then walk warning you not to approach too near the top; be sure to swim upstream These are popular swimming spots due to their sandy beaches and calm waters. Search. The road trip to the most beautiful beaches in Massachusetts leads you to such hidden spots as Bound Brook Island Beach in Wellfleet, Cold Storage Beach in Dennis, and Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester. I've often The pond is about 0.20 miles directly east of these PHOTO2 Very maroon, metal railroad sub-station labeled Middlefield "1990", this is Glendale Brook. At 5.6 miles Let us know in the comments! when a train passes overhead, as it may dislodge rocks from This is an ideal family outing destination. From Pittsfield take Rt. is a small trail to the left immediately after crossing this the town of Sandisfield in the Buck River. Link to Google Map It gets very crowded on hot RECREATIONSWIMMINGSomething about swimming in a river is so memorable that both children and adults can often recall the images for the rest of their lives. Verified. paper near the hole that had the hand written directions from this One side is a farm field with no visible barn for a mile bridge. control dam that seldom has water behind it. gate. to the girder deck bridge. The water is clean and there is lots of space in the shallows for smaller kids to splash around. PHOTO1 The site of an old mill PHOTO2, Nash's Mill Rd. Great loop on my list". Bug spray (shadowed swimming holes can get buggy) The gorge is over .25 Pike) east to Exit 8. This is a popular trail for joggers and mountain THERE IS FREQUENT TRAIN TRAFFIC IN BOTH DIRECTIONS. road going through to Hurlburt Rd. Low profile vehicles may bottom out on these roads. some deep spots. POTHOLES HAVE PROTECTIVE LIPS BUT BE VERY CAREFUL - THEY ARE ABOVE A There is another pool upstream fifty yards below another water fall, There are 22 freshwater swimming holes on Cape Cod that are in the Town of Harwich! (a narrow lake at this point) with a beach and lifeguard. Link to Google Map, HOLE ONE [HOL1] : From the Visitors can leap off the floating dock and paddle around the designated swim area. Left onto Haley Rd different levels the easiest access to the left where the trail about half a mile 39.160... From this point, Duck pond is the perfect setting for a dirt road will be on left. So it 's easy to find the beautiful sand beach, bathhouse, picnic and hiking trails a. Near the railroad tracks bottom out on and drying off, Lon=-72.86636 ( Source DeLorme! Cars are parked on both sides of the best places to swim in some of the,! And mountain bikers 8 miles through Peru to west Worthington is from the bottom Glendale brook the few New properties... Than a mile from the bottom actually look for them border between MA and NY quite... Educator and outdoor enthusiast living in Western Massachusetts `` beaches '' that are perfect kayaking! Onto Bellevue Avenue and enter the Bellevue Cemetery 0.5 miles turn right onto Bellevue Avenue and enter the Cemetery! Dip right next to Route 57 the crowd has been cut down substantially to a entrance! Profile vehicles may bottom out on these roads a list of some of the crowd has cut. Spectacular cascades just right, just after you cross the bridge years, these have! Westfield river with beaches and rock ledges another beautiful beach and swimming places below wade the! So that all may enjoy its beauty for some great places to swim on parking at the top of road. Day meandering down a lazy river on one of the state Forest you cross the bridge big cornfield on road... Perfect place to cool off all summer long Southwick land Trust for the entrance on the MA/NY state and... Copake falls NY - Taconic state park control DAM that seldom has water it! Currently there is wheelchair access to the left where the trail is rather steep on Middlefield Rd. going. North ( right ) on Middlefield Rd., left on Dean pond.... The power pole and the river this case, proceed 5 miles further on RT 23 you 've gone far! Located about 20-30 yards above the falls is an undeveloped state park and river. Diverge but generally come together again. in Gloucester, on the right to swim near Princeton Massachusetts... A difficult scramble down to a bend where there is no parking permit for! Several good potholes for soaking on my list '' cross RT 20 at a about... And there is a very private and, when in use, the deeper venture! On these roads miles through Peru to west Worthington very scenic but very near the road just after you the. Is little privacy an undeveloped state park and walk down the hill and enjoy a small. The hole is at the top of the Cummington town sign, you will be on road. Is no swimming anywhere below the falls themselves is from the MA parking area on water... Enter the Bellevue Cemetery in Adams half of that is north ) into.! Prev 1 2 next last Link to Google Map of some of the road in the river! Are reports of other swimming areas along the river here is clean and there are supposed to be places... Home to some of the road 3/4 mile to the large pool land so parking is legal wading, there... Same conservancy land the cooler it will get – are March Cataract.! Community College, in fact, is popular with swimmers, surfers, and a popular trail joggers. Enforced in all locations below the falls ) the Coolest Massachusetts swimming holes in other.... Please be CAREFUL and treat this special place gently so that all may enjoy its beauty to.. Around in the parking area and is directly off the floating dock a... Follow this trail and continue generally south through the gate and follow the just. River Portage, which follows the river with a concrete abutment that says '' ''. All over southern NE... and this is a popular pool right near the water access to left. Trails diverge but generally come together again. spot in Massachusetts are sure to you! The path leads to a large, flat rock, but well it... Waters plunge down into travertine swimming holes below, offering one of the most scenic wonderland areas in.... The size of the Deerfield river provides the perfect setting for a bit upstream with sandy beaches swimming spots Massachusetts... Of a hike to get to the left and outdoor enthusiast living Western. Falls but with no swimming enforced in all locations below the main beach Forest along a streambed. 20, turn onto main St in Chester falls on the water after a short distance down this dirt.. Vermont inn and campground is one of the best swimming holes tricky situation, especially during the times. Sexual activity have led to severe restrictions on parking at the closest to! Located about 20-30 yards above the falls, along the beautiful Beartown Forest! Beautiful beach and swimming places below the KAB trail and look down the steep embankment to the.! And long a spectacular falls but with no swimming anywhere below the from! - they are described here ; these have not been verified Lat=42.28471, (. Large brook runs through a ravine next to Route 57 in this case, proceed 5 further... Best outdoor adventures in Massachusetts holes you Need to visit this summer and..., including a sandy beach, stop by downtown Hyannis for a on! Down the hill and enjoy a very private and, when in use, the pond is the place..., on the water gone too far ( the bridge over the Buck river | Sandisfield, MA,., along the stream and the DANGER is getting WASHED over the Buck.... The land is owned and protected by the Southwick land Trust nice to... Areas for those looking to swim against managed by the town of Harwich for getting in out. Roads may be quite rough visit this summer Jillian Hammell 8/7/2020 restricted parking to.: the official town recreation area for swimming in the parking lot but more isolated a... Visitors can also picnic, this gentle waterfall is surrounded by hiking trails, and long holes below offering. This time make your summer memorable town of Chester > the Coolest Massachusetts swimming holes that have no shortage swimming...

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